The Coloradan – Update

Coloradian Union Station

The Coloradan – Update

As we inch closer to the ground-breaking ceremony at 1750 Wewatta Street this summer, the Coloradan is undergoing intense scrutiny from Denver’s Planning Board. While we, the general public, are celebrating the return of condominiums to the urban core, the Denver Planning Board is tasked with ensuring the decisions we make as a city today transcend this moment in time and contribute to the vitality of our burgeoning skyline for generations to come.

Given the significance of The Coloradan to Denver’s urban development we decided to take a field-trip to the City and County Building yesterday to hear firsthand where the project stands in its approval process. Here’s our takeaway:

  1. This building will be an absolute stunner. GBD Architects of Portland, OR is bringing a fresh approach to exterior design. Straying from the traditional red, brown or even blonde tones that adorn many of the façades, The Coloradan will be comprised primarily of a three color blend of terra cotta tiles. I spoke with one of GBD’s members and to his recollection, the Coloradan will be the only building in Denver to utilize terra cotta in this manner. I was able to hold one of the samples and I must say, the mass, color and texture is impressive.
  2. As a whole, the Coloradan has been well-received amongst members of the Board but there are a few challenges the architects and the developer, East West Partners, must consider given the building’s close proximity to Union Station yielding increased pedestrian traffic. We’ll spare you the gritty details but in short, the idea is to maintain a consistent design aesthetic across the entire building while shielding or masking the public from functional necessities like transformers, garage doors, loading docks and parking garages. Each of the objections is surmountable and the building is close to final approval.

Given the level of attention and creativity being devoted to this project without a doubt the Coloradan will be a landmark building in the city of Denver.

We’ve linked to the three project files submitted by East West Partners and GBD Architects to the Planning Board. We don’t have all the details but if you have questions regarding the Coloradan, feel free to send us an e-mail and we’ll share everything we do know.

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