Two months remain in the 2016 calendar year and while today is November 2nd, the temperature is anything but indicative of the date on the calendar. The warm weather has brought many buyers to the table sparking a fourth quarter rally in Riverfront Park. As of this writing, there are 15 properties under contract in Riverfront Park which, if they all close in November, will make for the neighborhood’s most productive month in the past two years (since I’ve kept records). That is in stark contrast to many of the timid sentiments surrounding the forthcoming election and concerns about interest rates rising. The reality is that Denver continues to be a destination for people seeking opportunity and a superior lifestyle and residences in Riverfront Park present both given their prime location and bountiful amenities. In addition, despite appreciation, Riverfront Park continues to offer residences at a price point that has proven to be in demand with consumers. 

At the conclusion of October we are behind the trend for total number of sales in 2015 which was 102; however, with 39 properties currently available, if demand continues the opportunity to equal last year’s sales volume persists.

Let’s take a peek at October’s sales and this year’s volume as a whole.



Interestingly enough, sales in the Glass House account for 47% of the neighborhood’s sales distribution in comparison to last year where the Glass House comprised 42%.

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