The Denver Post reported that Wayward is departing Riverfront Park.  This restaurant location, once the home of Zengo, has been a mainstay for residents since the first three buildings were built.  Long time residents may remember that the first three buildings, Park Place Lofts, The Promenade Lofts, and Riverfront Tower, were built around the heart of Riverfront Park… the plaza. 

Pretty much from day one residents of our neighborhood met and become friends with each other over dinners and drinks on Zengo’s and McLoughlin’s patio.  This was all before the secret of Riverfront Park was out, before LoHi was booming and the Union Station Neighborhood existed. 

Before all of that… there was just a great neighborhood gathering place.

Now the plaza and everything around us is buzzing. The park is full of runners and thousands of people cross through the plaza between the great restaurants of LoHi and the new Union Station transit center.  We have grocery stores, a ski train, a rail to the airport, and more.  

The Zengo / Wayward location is near and dear to our heart. So let’s help prospective restauranteurs out by sharing what would be a hit in the neighborhood.  VOTE for the types of cuisine you would love to see come to Riverfront Park.  COMMENT with specifics about what restaurant ideas you have for this spot.  What restaurant would be your new favorite destination? 

Who knows.  Maybe some aspiring chef will see it and make your dreams come true. 

Note: You CAN vote for more than one option. 

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  1. I’m baffled by the failure of Zengo. I’m not surprised at Waywards failure. We ate at Zengo at least 300 times over a period of 7 years. We tried Wayward once and found the food to be terrible. It seemed that they thought food with more ingredients was better than food with fewer ingredients so they piled it on. I guess we were not the only ones who hated it.

    We also frequented McLoughlin’s, but it had different issues. We often described it as the place, unlike Cheers, where nobody knows your name.

    The Zengo spot is a great location that needs a restaurant that serves pretty normal food. All the new, nearby places seem to strive for narrowly defined niches. Normal would be the new differentiator.

    I actually think another McLoughlin’s could thrive with friendly, stable management.

    By the way, we live one block away and eat out 4-5 times a week.

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