DUG Updates on Globeville and Union Station

In our previous post we shared updates on DUGS new Commons Park Community Garden in Riverfront Park. There has been a great deal of interest in this park, with a long wait list of eager gardeners ready to take over a plot should one open up.   For those who don’t want to wait, we have some exciting news.

First, there is going to be availability for plots at the nearby Globeville Community Garden.  The Globeville community garden, located just 9 minutes away from Riverfront Park, offers HUGE 12′ by 12′ plots.  We took part in a weed pulling workforce this past weekend to get the park ready for new gardeners.  The park experienced a water outage in the past season and all but a few of these huge plots were released by their gardeners.  Now the water is back on and DUG will soon be making them available.  What makes this garden so unique is the unusually large plot sizes, far larger than what is offered in other locations.  In fact, for those who like to team up, this could be a great opportunity to share a plot with a friend.  

To learn more about the Globeville Community Garden visit this page at https://dug.org/find-gardens/globeville-community-garden/


And during our weeding session we learned that DUG has plans to create a new community garden in the Union Station Neighborhood.  This new gaden, planned to be located adjacent to Whole Foods, should be in high demand with the great density of living throughout Union Station.   The location is within the somewhat fenced off area between Whole Foods Market Union Station and 17th Street, highlighted here in yellow.  It does not sound like the entire area will be converted into garden space, but a portion of it is being discussed.  The goal is to provide a community garden amenity while still preserving some of the seating and aesthetic features.   You can view this on google maps here

We don’t know details or timelines for this new Union Station Community Garden, but will keep you posted here on Riverfront Denver and you can signup for the DUG newsletter.  https://dug.org/newsletter-signup/

We love that Denver has such a wonderful urban garden community!  To learn more about living in downtown Denver, or new development opportunities in Denver, signup below. 


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