Last year Riverfront Park celebrated the first season of the new Denver Urban Garden Commons Park Community Garden and it has been a neighborhood favorite.  The Commons Park Community Garden holds 28 cement raised bed plots available to residents of the community, and this year they added a number of wooden raised bed plots.  The Commons Park garden is available to local residents to join, and those who join are given their own plot to maintain and care for.  Sharing and community goodwill is strongly encouraged, and part of the application process includes questions about how food might be shared.  In addition, contributors to the garden are asked to donate at least fifteen hours of garden community service or events.  

And, for those who might not be experts in gardening, one of the plots belongs to a resident master gardener.  Having a master gardener in our community is a wonderful resource to learn and build an appreciation for gardening.

And the gardens are blooming big this summer.  Our early rainy season gave the garden a big boost and growth was rapid.  Garden growth did take a slight hit during the hail storm, which led to a bit of pruning to remove damaged stems.  But things are back on track now with the first tomatoes turning red in the past week.  For those who grow more vegetables than they can eat, the garden also maintains a donation bin near the entrance to share with the neighborhood. 

If you are interested in joining the waitlist for the Commons Park garden please see the rf code below, or visit their website at

Or, if you are interested in learning more feel free to stop by this coming July 29th for Yoga in the Garden with Gabriella (please bring a cash donation for this class if you can). Bring your own yoga mat and blocks. If staying for workday, please wear clothing that can get dirty and/or paint on it.

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