RTD Light Rail to DIA

Riverfront Park residents it made.  They enjoy walkability to all the best restaurants in Downtown Denver, the theater, sporting events, and a location directly on the Commons Park Green Space and Cherry Creek Trails.

How could this location possibly get any better?

Well it is about to.  RTD just announced that the long awaited service by light rail to DIA will be commencing in April of 2016.  For Riverfront Park residents this means the convenience of walking out their doorstep to catch the train from Union Station.  For our road warrior business traveler friends in the neighborhood this feature is a huge amenity.  For our world travelers and vacationers it’s a boost of pure joy.

No more battling traffic, parking, congestion, high taxi fares or any of the headaches that accompany traveling by automobile to Denver International Airport.  For Riverfront Park residents it’s going to be reclining in a seat with a cup of coffee and a good book for the reported 37 minute journey.  The rail line will stop at eight stations, including Denver Union Station and the new Denver Airport Station, located at the south terminal at DIA serving airport travelers and guests of the new Westin Denver International Airport Hotel.  The train reportedly tops out at 79 miles per hour.

RTD has announced the cost, whether traveling to or from DIA, will be a flat $9.  That’s less than any taxi or car sharing program we can think of and any parking.

Just one more reason why Riverfront Park is an amazing place to live.

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