Zengo’s Winter Menu is Out!

Riverfront Park residents have it made with one of Denver’s favorite restaurants serving up asian fusion in the neighborhood in the base of the Park Place Lofts and located on the plaza.

Zengo Denver does something very special.  They prepare new tasting menus on a regular basis based upon Chef Richard Sandovals culinary exploration of the world.   This week Richard Sandoval’s team announced the new Zengo 2015 menu taking us on a tour of Hong Kong, Tokyo & Thailand.

The Zengo Announcement tempts us with the following:

“During his trip, Chef Sandoval tasted his way through these inspiring culinary epicenters. Upon return, he and our culinary team used the experience to create dishes that showcase the story of Asia’s distinct flavors”

Delicious!  See you at Zengo.

Zengo Denver
1610 Little Raven St (map)
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 904-0965



Zengo Dinner Menu 2015


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