The New Union Station North Neighborhood

What’s in a name?  For some residents, it can mean a lot.  In a world where many sing the mantra of “Location, Location, Location” the (somewhat subjective) property lines of our hot neighborhoods may mean the difference of thousands of dollars.

Which may explain why the neighborhood many of us know as Prospect Park Neighborhood is doing a rebranding under the name of Union Station North.  The change is well underway and the neighborhood is boasting new signage along with now displaying the area with the name Union Station North and Union Station North Plaza.


Changing the name to Union Station North embraces the energy and excitement being generated just across 20th street where new projects such as the Coloradan are being developed along with many new restaurants, bistros, and neighborhood enriching amenities.  Prospect Park offered great urban living with an incredible location.  With a name change to Union Station North residents may be looking to boost property values by getting the word out.  Now when people search for Union Station condos or Union Station lofts it is more likely they will find this wonderful neighborhood.

Here is what is available in the Union Station North Neighborhood today.

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Neighborhood names certainly do carry a certain value. Sometimes the value is subjective, other times it can be objective. For example, LoHi is a much sought after neighborhood. Buyers like the walkability and great restaurants in this hip neighborhood. Being within the LoHi borders means not having to walk across major streets such as 38th or Federal.

Riverfront Park neighborhood borders are even more significant. Residents in Riverfront Park have a master association that employs off duty police officers with a focus on safety and security along with a team of neighborhood employees who focus on keeping the neighborhood beautiful with fresh flowers in the planters, street and sidewalk cleaning, and holiday and other decorations throughout the year.

Calling themselves Union Station North this hip neighborhood just joined up with it’s bigger sibling across the street.

What do you think of the new name change? Will it boost property values? Will it tie it more closely with the growth of Union Station Neighborhood? Let’s hear what you think on our Facebook Post.

The Central Platte Valley – Riverfront Denver

Most of what comprises Riverfront Park, LoHi, and the surrounding neighborhoods is called the CPV, or the Central Platte Valley.  Most people consider the borders of this neighborhood defined by I-25, Wewatta Street, Auraria Parkway, 23rd Street

Here you’ll not only find not only thriving residential neighborhoods with more than 2,000 residential units but also something unheard of in an urban setting – 90 beautiful acres of parks and green space.  Along the South Platte River lie Gates-Crescent, Centennial, Fishback, Confluence and Cuernavaca Parks, plus the neighborhood’s 30-acre centerpiece, Commons Park.

And of course, we have something even more rare in our Colorado natural environment, flowing waterways.  This is why we call all the neighborhoods along the Platte part of Riverfront Denver.

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