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Okay, we apologize for not posting this as well. We know SPIRE is the other contender for the most popular residential Tower in Downtown Denver.

Between the Glass House and SPIRE these two buildings continue to battle each other for the most popular amenity rich buildings in Denver. Do you want to live in Riverfront Park’s Glass House near Union Station and close to Commons Park, LoHI and beautiful green space parks or at SPIRE in the heart of Downtown and within a few steps of the Theater District? You vote and help future buyers with your opinion.

In the fast moving marketplace of multiple offers knowing when a property hits the market is key to finding your dream home. So we are adding a special post about signing up for property alerts at SPIRE. We can provide property alerts for any building so just contact us with your request.

Sign up and get instant notification whenever a new listing hits SPIRE here. If you want Glass House alerts visit our post here. Our team will keep you updated anytime a listing hits either of these buildings. Just let us know what you want to stay updated on for instant access to real estate new listings.

Settle the Duel between Denver's Most Popular Residential Towers, SPIRE or Glass House?

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