Wewatta Point, a new seafood restaurant from National restaurateurs Grill Concepts Inc. opened right next to their other culinary creation Public School 303.  Wewatta Point is being called a New Wave Seafood restaurant. 

So of course we wanted to check it out right away.  The space is great. It’s bright and sunny, spacious, with ample seating for those craving a table or those wanting to belly up to an oyster serving bar.  The service was friendly and efficient.  They were well versed on explaining the oyster selections of the day to us and their favorite dishes.  Although I think someone mistakenly printed the oyster menu in 6 point font on opening day. 

For the oyster connoisseurs they have a small card with a list of oysters and descriptions that they checkmark with the day’s offering.  For opening day they had 4 different types available to choose from.  They made the process simple and customer friendly.  You just mark down how many of each type you want, all are $3 each. That’s the great thing about a real oyster bar, you aren’t limited to half or full dozens.  If you just want one, just have one. 

The oysters themselves were delicious.  We sampled all of them and they matched their creamy or briney descriptions accurately.  The oysters come served with lemon, mignonette sauce, a kickin’ horseradish sauce, and cocktail.  Thumbs up on the horseradish if you like some spice.  We also tried the ceviche, which was yummy tasty with just the right amount of kick.  It was served with thinly sliced taro chips, a little .

We cruised in for lunch and opted to try the lobster rolls.  They were delicious, filled with a good portion of tender warm lobster meat.  It’s a lighter lobster roll, not a mayo and cream filled gut buster.  

The items we did not try that were recommended to us included the Mussels, the crispy shrimp, and the Banana Foster Bread pudding.

We will be back.  If you get a chance to go make sure to stop back and share a neighborhood review.

Cheers Riverfront Denver and welcome to the neighborhood Wewatta Point.    

Wewatta Point: “Bright, modern eatery specializing in seafood dishes both regional & trendy, with a full bar.”
Address1607 Wewatta St, Denver, CO 80202
Phone(303) 893-6779
Reservations: opentable.com

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