Olympic Bar is Coming to the Plaza in Riverfront Park!  

Wayward tried something new this past holiday season by creating a Holiday Pop-Up Bar in the space previously occupied by La Biblioteca.  The aspect of an exclusive bar in Riverfront Park had lines waiting out the door.  So it is of little surprise that Wayward has decided to continue the idea with a second Pop-Up bar just in time for the Winter Olympics. 

If you can’t read the sign from the door above, here is the text translation.  


Beginning February 2nd, Wayward will be hosting a second Pop-Up bar themed after the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Beginning at 6:00 pm Tuesday-Saturday
Come enjoy international inspired cocktails, Olympic snacks, and games!

Enter through Wayward. For more information please visit our website at WaywardDenver.com

Excited to win with You!

And a helpful tip, arrive early and get on the list. 

Visit https://www.waywarddenver.com/

See you there!


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