There is a reason this site is called Riverfront Denver. It was our goal to report on all the great development projects happening along the riverfront in Denver.  It began with Riverfront Park, expanded through Lower Highlands, and then a burst of activity a few years ago in Sun Valley as the city prepared for the next phase. That next phase will be a new Denver Stadium District. This is something that was discussed years and years ago when the Denver Broncos made the decision about the new stadium location. It was always intended to be an amazing neighborhood offering residences, entertainment, dining, and more.

It looks like things might finally be moving forward.

The Denver Post reported today that things are moving forward for Denver’s New Stadium District in their article “Broncos Stadium development — sprouting from its parking lots — could stretch all the way to Federal Boulevard“. Here is an excerpt…

“The Denver City Council on Monday approved the broad strokes of a new neighborhood that could rise from some of the parking lots around Broncos Stadium at Mile High.

Backed by the Denver Broncos, the proposed development follows in the footsteps of other high-density stadium developments around the country.

“While we have a long way to go to make this vision a reality, this plan is the first step in that direction,” said Matt Sugar, director of stadium affairs for the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, which owns the land.

The master plan was drafted by city staff with input from residents, the team and organizations around West Denver. It covers the southern half of the stadium area, along with the “cloverleaf” around Federal Boulevard and West Colfax Avenue… read more

We will be keeping you posted on news, new developments, restaurants and more so make sure to follow our blog.

This could be one of the most exciting Denver neighborhoods going forward.  Join us in celebrating this new mile high neighborhood’s growth.

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